Tuesday June 12:

5:00pm- The Ukeladies
6:00pm- Fendrick & Peck
7:00pm- Niki Luparelli sings Patsy Cline
8:00pm- Sandy Allen
9:00pm- Belle of the Fall

10:00pm- Phil Adams

11:00pm- The Carleens
12:00am- Sweet Mercy

Wednesday June 13:

5:00pm-  Kala Farnham 
6:00pm-  The Weirdness of Niki Luparelli
7:00pm-  Allysen Callery with Ava Callery
8:00pm-  Molly Brule
9:00pm-  Little Compton Band
10:00pm- Kyoshii
11:00pm- Tai Chi Funk
12:00am- The Water Project

Thursday June 14:

5:00pm-  Kristen Graves
6:00pm-  Andy Cummings
7:00pm- Strangers By Accident
8:00pm-  Canyon.
9:00pm-  Foxtrotter
10:00pm- Stevie Niki and the Crystal Visions
11:00pm-  David Boobie
12:00am- David Boobie

Friday June 15:

5:00pm- School of Rock
6:00pm- Glenn Roth
7:00pm- Swimming Bell
8:00pm- Brian Flamand
9:00pm-  Rivergods
10:00pm- Analog
11:00pm- Wild Sun
12:00am- VulGarrity

Saturday June 16:

5:00pm- Luke Brown 
6:00pm- Captain Radical
7:00pm- Justin Stewart
8:00pm-  Jackie Hopkins
9:00pm-  Starfish Enterprise
10:00pm- Los Duderinos
11:00pm-  Root Steady
12:00am- The Booze Beggars

Sunday June 17:

5:00pm- Alex Chapman
6:00pm-9:00pm  The Booze Beggars